Do You Like Bees?

by Mr. Softee

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This album wasn't really supposed to exist. Mostly recorded out of frustration and the fear of losing these songs to the unforgiving, cold stare of time, we put on our big boy boots and recorded the best material we could muster. If you get anything out of this, just let it be the will to create something of your own and share it with others. Don't be afraid to do everything by yourself.

Thanks to everyone who ever paid attention or came out to a show or said nice things to us. Big ol' thanks to anybody who ever let us play a show and helped us with everything that goes into this whole music thing. You know who you are and you're the best. Love you all


released February 6, 2018

Vox/Guitar/Synth - Aaron Pekar
Drums - Devon Harris
Bass - Alex Flippines
Guitar - Austin Mashinski

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Aaron Pekar
Mastered by Paul Sinclair
Artwork by Devon Harris


all rights reserved



Mr. Softee Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Flux
I'm tryin'
But nothing's working
I can't help feeling like a freak
Everyone I know is fading
And everyone I'll ever meet is dead
Oh yea

I'm living in my head, watchin' movies of the memories
And they're playin' back in my dreams

I'm screaming at you so loud
I can't hear a thing
So I've pieced together some made up story
That I'm starting to believe

So I lay out here
Under all this snow
I'm gonna freeze to death
Out here all alone
All I need is myself and the snow
Track Name: I Looked at You
I started doing things I had never done before
I had no idea why
I was overcome with a terrible panic
Then I looked at you

Oh darling you use me up
Till I've got nothin' left at all
Tryin' to hold your hand
As you pull it away from me

I'm getting by well enough
Though I fucking miss you
I'm not too sure we can bring it back
Oh I'm running out of steam

You swear that you care about me baby
But the way you treat me, that tells a different story
And if it stays like this, I'll have to run away from you
There's nothing left for me

Tell me just one thing
Tell me it would hurt you
If I left you dear, right now
Track Name: Turnstile, Please...
No, pay attention to me
Please, I'm not sure if I'm here or not

Oh yea, I need your attention
Oh yea, I need it to live

Social isolation is my favorite activity
And I would know that duct tape isn't all that good at...
Shutting a mouth

Turnstile,... please kill me.
I can't wait
Please kill me
I can't wait to no longer have a reason to care
Oh I can't wait to become completely invisible

I wanna shave my head
You will. You will find out...
Track Name: Not Very Fun
I'm not very fun
I've got broken guitar strings poking out of my joints
I don't like feelin' woozy
Don't let my weighted points of view hold you down
We all know how this goes and what you think
What you think
Oh I want you to be free
Free from me
Free from me

Trying to dodge anxious thoughts
Trying to hold onto some handle of hope
You see I am not interested in
Short term happiness

It is not today but, tomorrow...
In my eyes, there's some broken guitar strings
Too much tension
Track Name: Taking Up Space
I'm terrified of people
Their bodies impeding on my own
I'm trapped in my own skin
I'm stuck in the places I'm in

In the spaces that I occupy
When the walls start closing in
I don't wanna exist
When my breathing becomes
Heavy and irregular

I can only run
But I can never escape
I have to wait
Oh I have to wait

I'm terrified of people
Their crooked smiles
Their piercing eyes
The lies pouring out from their teeth
Their ideas, emotions, and feelings
All bubbling up to create something frightening

A lonely soul
And I'm one too
But I don't wanna be
Track Name: Pink Dress
I am gonna travel
1000 miles
In my pink dress
Into the night
Sleep in a parking lot
See the sunshine girl
Blushin' when you compliment me
But I know you're a liar

Stumbling into a diner
Hair's a mess
Sit down at a table with five chairs
I'm sitting in every single one
Every. Single. One.
Calm me down
Fleetwood Mac was playin' on the radio
Reminds me of that bittersweet girl
That girl

The back of my hand
Brushes up against some gum
Underneath the table
Old spit

Outside the window
The moon is high and shining

Oh I remember that time I held your coffee
Red clothes
Whether or not I should forget you
I don't know
Oh I wanted to tell you about that dress at the goodwill
At the goodwill
Track Name: To Disappear Completely...
My eyes stay glued
My heart beating fast
Would it be lame?
If my lips touched yours?
A conversation with you
Holding your hand
Black coffee
The tar in your lungs
Dying in front of me
Oh baby
I know I can see something
Some kind of future in the inky black
A glimmer of light.

Oh nothing ties me down to the ground
Oh no, I'm floating away

My light shines
And there's nothing around for miles
It never comes back
Oh I can't see a thing
But I know you're here with me

But you're a black hole
Drawing me in
Oh I can't get away
Scream bloody murder
At the top of my lungs
I love you
Yea I love you
But stay away from me
Stay the fuck away

Oh I lay here in a grassy field
All alone
It's dark and it's cold
I can't see anyone
But I see a glimmer, a flame, a spark, a flash
I know just one thing
Yea I know that morning's coming soon
Morning's coming soon

I can't even see myself anymore
I'm through saying words
Done indulging
In the senses
I lay in the dark
To disappear completely...

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